Progress Update 3: Stay on target...

Another week, another two pounds lost. Can't say I'm displeased with those results.

This coming week is a concern, as I mentioned before, since I'm anticipating a particularly food/drink heavy weekend. I'll be lucky to go down one pound, and will honestly be thrilled if I can just hold the line at around 217 until the following week. 

I'm not resigned to defeat - I'll do my best to mitigate the damage by being smart about the days before the weekend - but I also know that, realistically, these are not the best conditions under which to continue a weight loss streak.

  • Current Weight: 217 (-2)
  • Miles run: 15.7
  • Miles biked: 89.5
  • Minutes of strength training: 90
  • Minutes of meditation (sitting): 120
  • Minutes of meditation (walking): 125
  • Calories in (est.): 13,982
  • Calories out (est.): 18,118