Progress Update 9: Avoiding the slippery slope

The last couple of weeks have been fairly disruptive to my routine, involving a decent amount of travel and food consumption. I'm pretty happy that I'm more or less steady despite this disruption, but, that said, these are the sort of bumps in the road that can turn into roadblocks if you allow yourself to falter and be less vigilant.

For those who haven't tried to lose weight before, it might be difficult to understand this, but it really is a "slippery slope" situation (at least for me), and the more I justify one or two poor choices, even if those choices were on a vacation or at a wedding, the easier it becomes to justify more and more of them.

It's so, so easy and tempting to slide down that hill, and these are the sort of moments that, in the past, have broken an otherwise-steady weight loss routine. I can already see myself making excuses that I wasn't doing 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I'm hoping by consciously acknowledging that fact, I can better deal with it.

It's also hard to ignore the fact that two weeks of "being steady" is also two weeks where I wasn't losing weight which is, in its on way, lost progress. But, it is what it is, and the past, as they say, is prologue.

Onward towards 210.

  • Current weight (pounds): 215 (+/- 0)
  • Current waist measurement (inches): 45 (+/- 0)
  • Miles run: 14.3
  • Miles biked: 24.9
  • Minutes of other cardio: 150
  • Minutes of strength training: 30
  • Minutes of meditation: 30
  • Calories in (est.): 18978
  • Calories out (est.): 18779