Progress Update 2: (Barely) staying on track

I honestly didn't expect to drop any weight, given my behavior this week, so any decrease at all was a pleasant surprise. It's not the pace of weight loss I ideally want to see, but better than nothing, given how often I felt I was above my calorie goal. 

This week was also a nice reminder of how easy it is to stumble, and why - among other things - I need to avoid certain types of alcohol. I might love ciders and certain types of beers, but unfortunately, drinking three beers may as well be its own meal. It's not that I can't drink when out with friends, I just need to be more efficient about my alcohol choices.

Discipline is especially important this week and most of next week, as I know upcoming birthday party will be a day where I consume far, far more than I should.  I know a single day of indulging won't ruin anything as long as I plan for it in advance and adjust my habits accordingly, but doing so requires a level of discipline that I haven't quite proven to myself that I have. Let's see if I can prove myself wrong, as I would love to hit 215 or 16 before the party.

If this sounds like way too much planning put into what I eat and drink: you aren't wrong. Welcome to my world.

  • Current Weight: 219 (-1)
  • Miles run: 16.4
  • Miles biked: 73.5
  • Minutes of strength training: 40
  • Minutes of meditation: 110
  • Calories in (est.): 17,923
  • Calories out (est.): 18,183