This isn't an exercise blog, but I will definitely be writing about exercise. 

This isn't a meditation blog, but I'll be writing quite a bit about that, too. 

This isn't a weight loss blog, though I'm certainly hoping to lose more weight throughout the course of all this.

It's also not a story of my life, beyond what I think I need to share to explain my points. 

It's also not a guide to your life, though I'd be thrilled if people end up learning something about themselves through my own struggles. 

This isn't a place for easy answers, because of the answers were easy, I wouldn't still 220 pounds after years of struggle. 

The word "fitness" was specifically chosen because I believe physical fitness, mental fitness, and emotional fitness are all incredibly important and intrinsically linked, and I want to write about my struggles and successes as I work towards honing these aspects of my life through exercise, mindful meditation, and honestly - both towards others, but especially towards myself.

Exercise isn't new to me, as I've been running and biking for years, albeit with varying levels of success. Meditation is entirely new to me, but after reading 10% Happier by Dan Harris, and realizing he and I shared a lot of the same issues, it seemed like something that was worth trying, as I believe it's important that I dive into my head in an attempt to control the thoughts that typically control me.

Honesty is somewhere in the middle, as I would certainly never classify myself as a dishonest person, but there's definitely been times when I have deceived myself or others, intentionally or not. It's also by-far the most difficult to quantify. I can say I ran for an hour, or meditated for a half hour, but how does one measure the practice or success of honesty? I'm not sure yet, but I can at least say my recent attempts at being more honest have been both healthy and successful, so that's why I suspect I'm on to something here.

These three pillars are by no means the definite answers to, well, anything. More could be added, or these could be replaced, or perhaps just the approach to building upon those pillars will change. I don't really know where things will go, but that's part of what I think makes this journey so fucking interesting - at least to me, and hopefully to some of you as well.

Oh, also, I'll swear sometimes.