Progress Update 12

Not a great week. Still trending down overall, but need to do much better if I want to hit my goals.

Willpower is still the hardest thing. I just fucking love food, and it's easy to justify overeating when you exercise as much as I do, and especially when you're training with long bike rides. I also had less chances to go for walks this week, unfortunately.

No calories in/out counts this week, since MyFitnessPal glitched on me and lost a couple of days of calorie burn.

  • Current weight (pounds): 212 (+2)
  • Current waist measurement (inches): 45 (+/- 0)
  • Steps taken: 56,742 (-23,000) 
  • Distance traveled: 26.09 (-11)
  • Miles run: 9.7
  • Miles biked: 50
  • Minutes of other cardio: 120
  • Minutes of strength training: 60
  • Minutes of meditation: 60