Progress Update 13

I'm not dead, and neither is this blog! There just has been much progress to update y'all on lately.

It may seem suspicious to only update this when I've lost weight, and you wouldn't be entirely wrong, but I also didn't think two weeks of "I'm still at about the same weight because food is delicious" would be all that interesting. So, rather than doing weekly progress updates, my goal is to update on Sundays when there's been significant progress - or a significant regression.

Fortunately, this time, it's about progress, as I continue my slow (but hopefully steady) journey through the last few pounds of the 200's. Of course, next week - the week of Thanksgiving - will be a challenge, but I'm hoping to at least maintain through that, then stay strong through the rest of the year.

  • Current weight (pounds): 208 (-4)
  • Current waist measurement (inches): 43 (-2)
  • Steps taken: 85,070 (+/- 0)
  • Minutes of Meditation: 105 (15 minutes a day) (+/- 0)