Progress Update 0: Setting the Baseline

My intention is to post various stats about my progress every Monday or Tuesday morning - this first week is abut setting the baseline of weight and activity amounts. As you can see from the graph below, I lost a decent amount of weight towards the end of last year (10-15 pounds), hit a bit of a slump, and gained a bit (5-10 pounds) of it back.

Time to turn back the tide.

  • Current Weight: 225 (+/- 0)
  • Miles run: 16
  • Miles biked: 45
  • Minutes of strength training: 60
  • Minutes of meditation: 150
  • Lies told: 7*
  • People hugged: 12*
  • Dogs petted: 4*

* - not actually a real stat. Or is it?!**

** - it isn't

This week, I expect minutes of strength training to decrease, as well as perhaps miles run, due to an unexpected injury. Minutes of meditation will also decrease as I try a new guided meditation app, Headspace, which focuses on 10 minute sessions. Hopefully weight will go down, but of course, that's the hope every week.